Saturday, August 23, 2014

Long weekend

I took Friday off to recover from the road trip, and have actually gotten some stuff done so far this weekend.

1. I got a quilt top sewn together! I blogged before about taking some vintage blocks apart, and they're now resewn into this top:
 photo 026_zps63860109.jpg

I quite like it - the blue sashing is appropriate for the period; there's a blue in the vintage part that almost matches it exactly. A close-up:
 photo 029_zpsdc416b81.jpg

Maybe tomorrow I can pull together a back for it, and press it.

2. I started crocheting a hat waiting for the Karate Kid at class last night.

3. I pulled the t-shirt rug back out to work on and cut some pink strips for polka-dots:
 photo 033_zps80f8fd43.jpg

The pink is  from a butt-ugly French bulldog t-shirt that was my mom's. Not a fan of Frenchies, but love that shade of pink!

4. T-shirts pulled for t-shirt quilts - these are all t-shirts my mom got from some wildlife charity. There are 12 altogether.
 photo 025_zpsf7bb3774.jpg

I also have a bunch of blood donation t-shirts from my brother that I'm looking forward to working on as well.

5. I stopped at the thrift store after karate today. It's one of the few in the area that ever have any sewing/crafting materials. The score is here:
 photo 030_zpscadf0447.jpg

There's 1.75 yards of flannel that'll make a nice back for a baby quilt:
 photo 031_zps5cac3c89.jpg

A real assortment - some tiny seed beads in a nice bead container; beeswax for quilting; some small pieces; a yard of Christmas fabric; some yarn and thread; six smaller crochet hooks; sewing patterns; interfacing; acrylic paint [even if the paint is worthless, it's two very nice brushes for $1]; and (of course) buttons.

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Gina said...

Great T shirts for the quilt. The vintage quilt is lovely and great goodies from the thrift shop xx