Saturday, July 28, 2007

More thrifting success

Seems as if I've gotten more books than actually gotten stuff done lately, although the afhans are both progressing.

I found a "new" (to me, anyway) a couple of weeks ago, run by Life4Animals. Last week I found:
1. Cross-stitch patterns in color (29 cents)
2. an issue of Classic Cross-Stitch (29 cents)
3. size 6 circular knitting needles (99 cents)
4. Cross-Stitch Bazaar (25 cents)
5. American Quilts and How to Make Them (99 Cents)

and yesterday: Illustrated Guide to Crochet (99 cents)

I really need to just get some scrap fabric and figure out how to use the rotary cutter so I can finish the star quilt.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Playroom progress

Really it's the sewing/craft/computer/playroom - but since it's all playing, it's the playroom.

Embroidery stuff started going into one bag.
One bin from the basement airing out - may need some Lysol.
More thread and bobbins in the thread box.
Presser feet from the thrift box fit my machine!!!
Buttons on cards in another bag; loose buttons in a button jar.

Not much other crafting - I re-read the sixth Harry Potter to get ready for the new one.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Thrifty goodness

I stopped by the Goodwill store nearer our house on Tuesday afternoon and they had a WHOLE BOX of sewing and crafty stuff marked at $7.00. I snatched it and bought it, only looking at the first layer or two. A whole bunch of quilty fabric, some printed panels with cats, some with horses, most of a skein of red yarn, a couple of presser feet (which I haven't checked on my machine yet) and more more more!!!

I think an employee at the Goodwill near work snatches up all of the sewing stuff and squirrels it away for herself - I often see things behind the counter, but not out for purchase.

I laid out the cats on the bed, but for some reason the pre-teen doesn't like it. I need to investigate why - I don't MIND that she doesn't like it, but she has a pretty good sense of color, and if that's why, I'd like to know.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Lots of progress on the flower garden

I took it to work today and crocheted while watching a videocast conference. Best of both worlds.

It occurred to me that I really need to list the WIPs - and eventually to figure it out on the sidebar. Anyway...
1. Tween's flower garden afghan
2. Mid-kid's red and black afghan
3. MY quilt
4. Rocket ship quilt
5. Beach bag
6. Pencil pouch for tween
7. Pillow (OK, all really need to do is stuff this and seam up the opening.)
8. Knit (hat? scarf?)

1. Finishing my mom's quilt
2. Afghan for the toddler
3. More hats for Christmas

Finished this weekend: Another hat! A mate to MIL's hat for FIL - the aran fleck yarn and a thrifted brown yarn in stripes. Maybe photos later after kids go to bed.