Sunday, August 10, 2014

Things That Make Me Irrationally Happy

Maybe irrational is the wrong word...

1. Eating corn flakes out of my Corn Flakes bowl.
2. When everybody takes turns in the correct order at a 4-way stop
3. Hearing a song I really like on the radio (or in the grocery store!)
4. Our frogs. These are wood frogs, and they sound like chickens clucking most of the time. YEARS ago we abandoned a kiddie pool at the corner of the shed, and the frogs arrived. They've come back every year, although most years we don't have tadpoles. Don't know what's up with that! There are at least 7 of them there. Whenever I walk past on the way to the compost pile, one of them notices and chirps and leaps into the water, and the rest of them follow.

5. Soft sweaters. I hate the cold, so this one really is irrational.
6. Lightning bugs. Fireflies to my kids.
7. Cat tummies. Ralph wasn't cooperating getting his belly photographed. He's got the best cat tummy in the house, and uses it to good effect as a cat trap :)
8. Old books.
9. New shoes. I always put off buying new shoes, and then once I have them, wonder why I waited so long!
10. Nice pens.
11. Good watermelon.
12. Quilt shows.
13. Coffee.
14. Earthworms.
15. Feeling caught up at work. Actually *being* caught up is rare, so feeling that I've filled in all the big rocks and there are only a few pebbles to fit in is good enough.
16. My tiny car. It's cheap, it's little, the belts squeal when it starts up - but it's blue, it's cute, and gas mileage is awesome. The only bell and/or whistle it could possibly be said to have is a reasonable sound system.
17. Good hair days. I don't fuss, so when it happens, it's purely by accident.
18. S'mores.
19. My mom's ugly pink polka-dot robe. This is Mom in the robe, Christmas 2011. It's bubble-gum pink with big white polka dots, soft, fuzzy, and ridiculously comfortable.
20. Beaches.
21. Sewing down that last inch of binding on a quilt.
22. Buttons.
23. Sunrises, sunsets, and rainbows. That weird yellow color of the sky before a storm. Blue skies and white clouds.

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