Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Stash Report Week 8

Yards in this week: 0
Yards out this week: 0
Cumulative yards in: 2
Cumulative yards out: 14.8
Net gain/loss: 12.8 USED

No change this week. I've done some work on The Lovely Daughter's quilt, and pulled some background material for an applique project, and REALLY need to work today on a guild challenge (and possibly start another challenge).

And I sewed a couple of pieces of poly batting into makeshift bags for the aquarium filter, but that doesn't really count against stash :) 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 Stash Report Week 7

Yards in this week: 0
Yards out this week: .6
Cumulative yards in: 2
Cumulative yards out: 14.8
Net gain/loss: 12.8 USED

Nibble, nibble, nibble at the stash. And yet, any used is good. And I'm happy to be playing with the fabric.

First cathedral window pillow finished

My sister-in-law came up with an idea to make cathedral window panels for pillows as memory pieces out of fabric and clothing of my late mother-in-law. This is the first one.




264.5 pillow top and back
110 pillow side
484 cathedral window
858.5 total square inches = 0.5 yards
Edit - I forgot about the squares on top! I'd guess another 0.1 yards used there, what with trimming and having to use background white under some of the squares. So I'm going to call the total 0.6 yards.

This was a LOT of work to bust half a yard of stash!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Stash Report Week 6

Yards in this week: 0
Yards out this week: 1
Cumulative yards in: 2
Cumulative yards out: 14.2
Net gain/loss: 12.2 USED
I finished up a heating pad cover that used up about a yard. And forgot to take a picture - oops.

Creativity the past week

 I never posted about last Sunday. The Lovely Daughter and I took a collage workshop hosted by my quilt guild.

The LD at work:
I can't rotate it because I use PhotoBucket and to rotate it, I'd be forced to move now to the "new and improved" version which is NOT new & improved because it doesn't seem to have an option to upload smaller photos!

Our part of the table, covered in paper:

I forgot how much fun it was to play with paper and glue.

On Wednesday, I took the afternoon off work so I could go to a sit-and-sew sponsored by the guild. It was super - I got a LOT done and had fun with other quilters.

I finished a heating pad cover for a friend, and then forgot to take pictures of it.

I made two more little houses (but still have ONE MORE to do!).

I did a lot more work on the black/white/red 9-patch & snowball quilt. Some 9-patches were even sewed to snowballs and put together! The catch here is that the snowball blocks are directional - not one way, at least, but there is a definite horizontal vs. vertical orientation that has to be attended to.

And I even trimmed a few HST for the Bloomin' Challenge.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

2013 Stash Report Week 5

Yards in this week: 0
Yards out this week: 0
Cumulative yards in: 2
Cumulative yards out: 13.2
Net gain/loss: 11.2 USED

Nothing finished this week, no new purchases :)

I did make progress over the week - a couple of hours at the boys' karate class working on the cathedral window pillow top, some TV time hand-quilting on the The Lovely Daughter's quilt, a couple of star blocks for the BFF's quilt, one completed basket block and most of the pieces cut out for a guild challenge.  

Saturday, February 02, 2013

PROGRESS in January

Progress on goals in January:

1. finish 13 projects - TWO done in January; one UFO (TMOTH's quilt) and one new (Heating pad cover)
2. Spend 13 minutes a day sewing - I missed a few days here and there, but mostly accomplished this.
3. 2013 in 2013: This is not original, and I can't remember who I stole the idea from. Basically, 2013 things will LEAVE my house in 2013. In January, 309 pieces of "stuff" left the house.
4. Keep track of what I'm doing by starting blogging again - I feel much more productive when I have a record of what I've done. So far so good. Hopefully in February I'll find the good camera and will add more photos. 5. participating in the weekly stash report will help me manage my stash.  Also keeping up with this.

I also started on a quilt for The Lovely Daughter's BFF and figured out what I was going to do for one of our guild show's challenges (and started on it).

I neatened up the sewing stuff that lives in the dining room, and started working on the playroom and the bedroom sewing areas.