Friday, January 31, 2020

One Monthly Goal for January - DONE

My goal was to finish the quilting on this challenge quilt.

 It's quilted, but I'm not happy with it yet.

The quilting is awfully low-contrast, probably because of how busy the top is.

You can see it some on the back?

The binding is sewn on, but not sewn to the back - so half of a stretch goal :)

Linking to Elm Street Quilts for the finish.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday Stash - January 26, 2020

Most of the fabric out was the two fat quarters that went as "dues" to join the 2020 Stashbuster UFO challenge. I calculated 0.05 yards for Ody Owl - I'm not counting the lining or back as yardage out, since it was upcycled.

My "retail therapy" for the week was $3.50 at a local thrift store. A couple of packages of beads, some perle cotton, and a tiny crochet hook originally sold for 10 cents (it cost me a quarter!). 

Fabric in:     0 yards
Fabric out this week:   0.55 yards
Fabric out total:  1.40 yards
Spending:   $3.50

Linking to Sunday Stash at Quilt Paint Create.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Project Quilting - Challenge 2

The second Project Quilting challenge is "Team Colors."

My alma mater is Mississippi University for Women, and our school colors are blue and blue :)  Our mascot is Ody Owl, so I decided to quilt up a little owl in MUW colors.

For backing, I had some cut-off legs from some pants the Lovely Daughter made into shorts, and I lined it with an old towel. Two layers of cotton batting for the back.

The body of Ody is W blue and her wings are Welty blue. The eyes are a pale, pale yellow, so not even really close to II&C yellow.

Once everything is quilted and getting bound together, seams are gonna need a little grading.

Done! the quilting on the front doesn't show up all that well in this photo, but I'm very pleased with it.

The back. I had to double-sew the binding at the top because I missed the edge, but it's not awful.

 And yay! a functional potholder.

Ody is about 7 x 9,  and I just love her to bits.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunday Stash - January 19, 2020

I finished a little tablerunner this weekend.

8.5 x 16.5 (if squared off), so 0.2 yards out of the stash.

Fabric in:     0 yards
Fabric out this week:   0.20 yards
Fabric out total:  0.85 yards
Spending:   $0.00

Linking to Sunday Stash at Quilt Paint Create.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Sunday Stash - January 12, 2020

I didn't manage to get this posted yesterday, but there were some finishes :)

I got my PQ Challenge #1 done, and finished binding a small UFO.
A little mug rug, 8 x 11. I was going to gift it, but there's a little hole right at the top of one of the borders. 0.14 yards busted for the mug rug, and 0.51 yards for Hitchhiker..

Fabric in:     0 yards
Fabric out:   0.65 yards
Spending:   $0.00

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Project Quilting- Challenge 1

The first Project Quilting Challenge is "Notably Numeric."

I couldn't think of an idea for a while- and then I remembered that the answer to everything is 42.

So, then- my tribute to "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy." Total size is 15.5 x 20.5 inches. And there are 42 squares.

"Don't Panic" is large, and I hope it's friendly.

I even managed to find a dolphin to include.

The bonus of small dogears? No urge to save them!

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Sunday Stash - January 5, 2020

A fresh slate for the new year.

Fabric in:     0 yards
Fabric out:   0 yards
Spending:   $0.00

I'm binding a mug rug, so should have some usage next week.

Linking to Sunday Stash at Quilt Paint Create.

January 2020 OMG

I'm linking up my One Monthly Goal to Elm Street Quilts.

My goal for January is to get this quilted. Stretch goal is bound and finished, but I'll stick to quilted for accountability. The quilting plan is circles.