Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Dear Lord, please let July be better than June

June was a horror, all around.

June 1, waiting to turn into the shopping center where the pizza place is, the small man and I were rear-ended. After a couple of weeks of insurance feet-dragging, the car was totaled, so I had to go buy a new car. This may be one of the things I hate the very most in the world.

There was major drama at work. Many different major dramas, some dragging on and on.

My sweet mother-in-law fell late May/early June. She seemed to be recovering at first, but then started going downhill. She passed away the middle of June.

Since we had to go to Indianapolis for the funeral, the dog had to go in for his bordetella vacc. And tested positive for Lyme disease. It's not really a surprise - all of us in the house have had it at least once other than the Lovely Daughter - and he clearly doesn't have an ongoing infection based on behavior, but he did have to start on antibiotics.

The trip to Indianapolis was almost uneventful, with as few driving hassles as I've come to expect from I70. The funeral was well attended, and it was really nice to see lots of TMOTH's relatives I hadn't seen in years, or met ever.

When we got back, the van broke. Luckily, it was just a problem with the CV joints and was easily repaired. But now it goes in tomorrow for timing belt replacement, so $$$.

Then on the LAST day of June, a derecho blew through the area, knocking out power to a huge swath of the country, including us. We FINALLY got our power back about an hour ago. I've had a shower, and am feeling much more human.

But I REALLY don't want to repeat June 2012.