Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 Stash Report Week 39

Lots of catching up to do!

I finished the house blocks quilt (~2 yards) and a pillow for TMOTH's birthday (~1 yard).

Here's the pillow:
 photo 004_zps5a330832.jpg

I bought a scrap bag at G Street's September Quilt Club (which was an awesome trunk show; ~1.3 yards) and also brought home some bits and pieces from the Betheda Quilter's show on Friday - they're all small pieces, maybe 2 yards in all. And 2.5 yards to work on The Lovely Daughter's best friend's quilt.

Yards in this month: 5.8
Yards out this month: 3.0
Cumulative yards in: 11.3
Cumulative yards out: 31.9
Net gain/loss: 20.6 USED

I have some hopes for bigger finishes soon. There's the Christmas panel for a small wallhanging that's being hand-quilted, and I'm taking lots of stuff to a quilting day out next Saturday, including this:
 photo 004_zps5a330832.jpg

It's a VERY long-term UFO. My Memaw and I found it on a thrifting trip. The plaid blocks are hand-sewn, flannel. and VERY wonky. I have blue and camel flannel to border the blocks in to hopefully de-wonk them.


Saturday, September 07, 2013

Old Stitchery Books

One of my used bookstore weaknesses:
 photo 010_zps24d71b15.jpg

The modern stuff with photos is pretty, but not nearly as useful as these older books with drawings and clearly written instructions.

Saturday morning

It's been a looong trying summer, full of ups and downs.

The first trip to Florida was in early July. First was the karate tournament in Ft. Lauderdale:
 photo 054_zpsb536a761.jpg

The team as a whole did well. My small man wound up with a second-place medal in sparring in his age/weight group! (There were two kids in the bracket, but to be fair, he fought well even though he lost.) The Karate Kid didn't place, but part of it is that he's gained just enough weight to be in the higher-weight bracket, so a lot of the kids have a bit more weight on him.
 photo 099_zpsf94d4e26.jpg

Then back up the state a little bit for my brother's wedding.
The family:
 photo 128_zps394edaef.jpg

A rare photo of the Karate Kid, smiling and in a tux, no less:
 photo 124_zps6dc59050.jpg

The Small Man:
 photo 149_zps20f41a86.jpg

My Lovely Daughter, being obnoxious (she's in front of my brother):
 photo 142_zps850b338b.jpg

Little Brother and his bride-to-be taking photos before the wedding:
 photo 131_zpscc7ab2df.jpg

Little Brother and new bride dancing at the reception:
 photo 044_zps8ab2f2be.jpg

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding. We get to spend one cloudy day at the beach, and back we traipse to Maryland.

 photo 016_zps0080b5e7.jpg

 photo 002_zps55ff8bd7.jpg

Early August, Little Brother calls me that they've taken Mom to the ER, probably dehydration. Next day, I fly to Florida in time to spend an hour with her before she passes away. Raging sepsis, organ shutdown, and she's gone.

A favorite photo of Mom from our scanned photos for the funeral:
 photo highschoolformal_zpsa57575e3.jpg

The family drove down for the funeral, and I drove back with them. In less than a week, I drive BACK to Florida with the Lovely Daughter to move her into her college dorm.

I packed up all of Mom's clothes in the back of the van and am sorting through them. I brought back a bunch of Mom's t-shirts and will likely make a quilt or quilts out of them.