Friday, August 22, 2014

2014 Montgomery County Fair

We went to the fair last Wednesday afternoon/evening (over a week ago) ~ I missed it last year taking The Lovely Daughter to college, but since she's not a Freshman this year, we didn't leave until Sunday.

The Ferris Wheel:
 photo 015_zps8b640f49.jpg

Boys riding with me, and TMOTH waiting below:
 photo 030_zpsa95307b7.jpg

 photo 036_zpsd3598ee0.jpg

 photo 035_zpsa9875dfc.jpg

 photo 021_zps1cf8f200.jpg

The view from up above:
 photo 039_zps4af8d32b.jpg

Terror on the face of the Small Man ~ he didn't like the fast rides:
 photo 050_zps20853818.jpg

TMOTH entered a turned bowl:
 photo 008_zpsd3f6c806.jpg

I didn't manage to finish the Furlough Quilt in time, but it'll be entered for next year.

Love the cows:
 photo 010_zpsb9789370.jpg

One of the kids' categories is LEGO creations:
 photo 003_zps008efa43.jpg

My quilt guild's ribbon-winning quilt:
 photo 173_zpsf982024a.jpg

Kid's entries are fun - this is the Starship Enterprise made out of marshmallows!
 photo 186_zps2b47a14f.jpg

Lots of Home Arts entries - I'm going to try to put in a bunch for next year:
 photo 176_zps07c2fb26.jpg

 photo 175_zps3b3d6273.jpg

 photo 174_zps306ea60d.jpg

Love the chickens even more!
 photo 154_zps66d558d0.jpg

 photo 151_zps8d982458.jpg

 photo 140_zps0a114ad3.jpg

 photo 137_zps358f1951.jpg

Lots of fried stuff! We had BBQ from the Methodists.
 photo 027_zps58961928.jpg

And riding the merry-go-round at the end of the evening:
 photo 234_zpsdb7ca6b2.jpg

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Unknown said...

I've never seen legos at a Fair! Pretty cool!