Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hopefully back to the land of the living?

Officially diagnosed with Lyme disease and took the first dose of doxycycline this afternoon.

My house is even more of a cesspit than usual, I haven't sewn anything in 2 weeks, and work's been a struggle. I look forward to getting closer to normal.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ready for the pool


TMOTH took the kids to the pool last week after the big kids went to the dentist. Small Man was ready about an hour before they got home!

This'N'That Fabrics

My order from This'N'That fabrics came yesterday. Three pounds of scraps all crammed in a big squish envelope!

I counted 40 different patterns! Most are in the 10-12" WOF range; a few are more fat quarter-ish, and the ones on the far right are 4-6" WOF strips.

The best part? Mostly, these are fabrics that would NEVER have come home with me if I were "picking" them. They're just not what usually catches my eye - so I think it's a good thing that another dimension just got added to my stash.

Retail angst

Something I have to do when I go back to the grocery store...
Do these look like porterhouse steaks to you?


The one on the far right does - the one that was on TOP of the package of steaks. The other ones? Not so much. The three that aren't vacuum sealed we ate, and they were good. But. NOT what I thought I was buying.

I'm not sure what I actually want, if anything, from the grocery. They need to know, though, that it's a concern for me if I can't trust their labels.