Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 stash report Week 52

Yards in: 0
Yards out: 9.2
Cumulative yards in: 69.9
Cumulative yards out:  57.9
Net gain/loss: 12 GAINED

Spending since last post: ~$30?
Spending this year: $515.32

The spending this time is a guess. I'm pretty sure I bought yarn, and I spent $0.75 on some sueded cotton at the thrift store :) And I just spent another $10 or so on notions at the thrift store here in Florida.

Fabric out:
1. Pillowcases!
TARDIS pillowcase for the Karate Kid (with a photobomb from Small Man). :
It's BIG. There's a custom-made pillow form inside :) 25" wide by 52" long; 3.6 yards

Minecraft Creeper pillowcase for the Small Man (made from his Halloween costume!): 22 x 40" long; 1.8 yards

Kitty pillowcase for the Lovely Daughter, 1.3 yd. No photo, but a lovely Laurel Burch pastel.

2. A couple of table-runners for my sister-in-law:
Colors that match a foyer cabinet she has, some vintage fabrics, about 10" x 45",  0.7 yards.

Musical fabric, from a bunch of strips I got for quilt show volunteering a few years ago. Total is about 12" x 60", 1.3 yards.

3. Two FQ for next year's UFO challenge, 0.5 yards.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Women of the Bible/Rachel and Leah

OK, so the title is cheating a bit. On the instructions, it's Rachel (and Leah).

Honestly, I'd be more interested in what Leah thought about all of her sister's actions.

Women of the Bible/Eve

When I heard about a quilt focused on the women of the bible, I knew I needed to make it for my dear sister-in-law ~ she's a music minister and would appreciate it.

This is the first block, Eve:
The blocks come along with a description of each woman's story, with a moral attached, which as an agnostic to the core I take with a grain of salt. Or a salt shaker. Eve's, of course, is all about resisting temptation.

I feel for Eve - any time anybody tells me anything, my response is going to be "Prove it!" I'm that annoying person who's always posting the Snopes link on your Facebook post that has no basis in fact. I'd have eaten the apple, but it's less about my inability to resist temptation than my inability to take anything on faith.