Saturday, December 13, 2008

Old photos

I asked my lovely husband to scan a photo of me to use for our upcoming Guild challenge: to "interpret" a state in a quilt, and to use red, white, and blue in "a noticeable amount."

I will base mine on this picture of me, about 11, at the beach:
Michele at Beach

TMOTH seems to have color-corrected that one; this is a close-up of the same photo in the current coloration:

He also started scanning our other old pictures. This is one of my favorites - my mom (far left) with some other relatives and their dolls:
?, ?, Joy and Mom

Take a good look at that doll she's holding in her right hand. Here's a close-up if you're not horrified enough:
Close-up of scary doll

Most. Hideous. Doll. EVER.

This is me, age 6, as an angel:
Michele the angel

I love old pictures - I just need to remember to ask Mom who the heck else is in them.