Saturday, August 30, 2014

10 Quilty Little Secrets

Pointed to this via LeeAnna, so here are mine...

1. My seams don't always match up. Eh, so what?

2. I hate paper piecing. Yes, I know you can get really accurate, but it's just. not. worth. it.

3. I lose rotary cutters all the time. There must be 5 or 6 floating around the house now - but I just bought another one yesterday.

4. I've never sewed into a finger, and I've been sewing on machines since I was about 5. And now I'm desperately hoping this statement isn't a jinx.

5. My first quilt had half-inch seams.

6. I buy scraps, I love them so much.

7. I have a quilt my Memaw made out of...polyester double-knit! With a black-and-white cheetah print back!

8. I cannot use a thimble to save my life.

9. I hand-quilt without a frame or a hoop [or a thimble, see above]. I shove the quilt in a bag and drag it around to karate classes and quilt while waiting for boys.

10. If I get a tuck in the back, that's just a part that'll be extra warm.

Now, head over to the linky party at 13Spools to see everybody else's :)


Willit Neverend said...

I love number ten: it makes me feel better about the last quilt that I made :)

The small amount of hand quilting I have done was done as you described. And I swear I have more than one rotary cutter, or at least spare blades, but I am yet to find them.

LA Paylor said...

Hey Michele!! Thanks for the shoutout. I sure hope you never sew into a finger too...
I just felt guilty buying more scraps but you know that bag had at least 6 quarter yards, and LOTS of other big scraps all for four dollars. Oh, I'm preaching to the choir, I should be saying this to dh. He thinks my scrap obsession is nuts. He doesn't have to get it.