Friday, August 29, 2014

Laundry List!

I'm joining in Kathy's linky party this month for the first time (found via Deb's blog).

Since I didn't start out last month, I don't have any goals to cross off my list (and that's what it's all about, right? crossing things OFF!). So I can consolidate my slips of paper here :)

I want to have a lot of stuff to enter into the county fair next year - my husband is enjoying my quest to become "queen of the fair." So most of the goals are related to that.

1. Make ginger-peach jam and start basil vinegar this weekend.

2. Finish beret and start scarf to match.

3. Finish scrappy rose-pink quilt.

4. Work on blue-yellow quilt.

5. Work on red-white-black quilt.

6. Start applique quilt.

7. Make bib and burp cloths this weekend for upcoming baby shower. [The bib will be a test for a fair entry - I have the pattern drawn up but haven't made one yet.]

8. Get back to menu planning.

9. Spend at least 5 minutes EVERY DAY going through crafty stuff.

10. Start t-shirt quilt

11. Keep working on hooked rug

12. Stay off computer games. I've managed this the past week, and have been able to get lots more done.


Design Originals by KC said...

Michele, if you keep your goals going in this direction you are sure to be "queen of the fair" :) I love how diverse your goals are and can't wait to see what your jelly and your hat and your pink quilt look like.. but those may have to remain secret til the fair next year huh! Thanks for linking up with me! Kathi

Jill said...

I also didn't link up last month so maybe we can both get some items checked off our lists.

Deb A said...

Oh my goodness! I am tired just reading! Love the idea of the peach jam.... might have to get some peaches from the stand and give it a shot - after I can some tomatoes this week. Hope you are able to make progress and check some things off the list. That is such a great feeling.

Wehago designs said...

I would say in your hubby's eyes you are already queen!