Sunday, August 10, 2014

2014 Stash Report - Week 32

Yards in: 4.25
Yards out: 6.55
Cumulative yards in: 19.65
Cumulative yards out: 22.85
Net gain/loss: 3.2 USED

Spending since last post: $32.00
Spending this year: $185.45


This is the Furlough Quilt, started back in October of last year when the government shut down. It's hand-quilted, 61" x 71", all from stash - 6 yards by my estimate. The rest of the stash reduction is from tossing some more non-cotton, likely to never-be-used-because-it-was-so-icky fabric.


Quilting template for the centers:

Books purchased ($5.30 for both at the Friends of the Library store):
The cover photo on the Maggie Malone book is the reason for 4 yards of fabric purchased. The pattern is called "Wheel of Fortune" and it seems to be an awesome scrap quilt - but I have woefully little fabric that could be called a "light neutral." So with my Jo-Ann 50% off fabric coupon, I bought 4 yards of Kona PFD - They didn't have Snow, and White was too...white. And I had Laura with me, and she both approved the color of the PFD (a cream, and the bonus is no sizing!) and was responsible for the additional quarter-yard, a carnation print for a letters t-shirt for her sorority.

The other purchase was a half-yard of fusible fleece - I found a cosmetics bag pattern that I want to try out.

All in all, a good week.

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DeeDee said...

What a fun quilt - always nice to have a finish. Can't imagine hand quilting a quilt that big. Good job.