Sunday, March 21, 2021

Project Quilting Challenge #6 2021

 The last Project  Quilting challenge for this year is Ab Intra.

For this project, I manifested my inner hippie chick.

Starting with scraps: I'm working on a rainbow challenge for my quilt guild, and used cut-offs from that block.

Using buttons: Went crazy with this :)

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Project Quilting Challenge #5 2021

 The theme for the next Project Quilting challenge is You're Crazy.

I used satins and brocades in green and blue and teal shades, and then embroidered the seams - my tiny crazy quilt turned journal cover. I like to use composition books for journals - they're cheap and readily accessible, but not very pretty.

The "wrong" side of the cover.

The lining- using orphan blocks.

The completed cover.

Buttons and a hair tie for a closure.

A ribbon with a button weight for a marker.

The inside of the cover with the composition book inserted.