Monday, April 30, 2018

OMG for April DONE

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April's goal was modest- to get a crumb block quilt sandwiched and basted.

I did that AND got it DONE done.

My youngest is now the happy owner of a requested summer quilt :)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

I like Thursdays- 2018 Week #17

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I like finished objects. This is a summer quilt for my youngest, using crumb blocks.

I like hanging with my kids. I'll get to hang with the oldest over the weekend :) She's in the process of buying a car, and I'm heading down to lend moral support. I'll get to see my brother and sister-in-law as well. I also like the HEAT and will enjoy a lot of that in Florida :)

Friday, April 20, 2018

I like Thursdays - 2018, week #16

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Oops, almost missed AGAIN.

Last week I was out of town, but there'd be no excuse this week!I

I was at a business meeting...and so the whole post is pretty much about how much I miss the South. I miss being hot and sweaty and sticky eleven-and-a-half months of the year. I miss it being SO GREEN all the time. I miss being able to eat seafood that was swimming in the Gulf yesterday, and not having to worry that it's been tainted with Old Bay. I miss the food in general. I miss the music.

I'm not completely naive; there will be some things I'll miss about Maryland- I doubt the variety of ethnic food we have here will be available, but it's a trade-off I'm willing to make. Nine more years, if the stock market recovers, and I'm retired and moving.


I like New Orleans. It was a treat when we lived in Mobile to head over for a day trip, and I haven't been back since we moved to Maryland nearly enough.

I like fried shrimp.
But only wild gulf shrimp. Farmed shrimp is disgusting. I had a shrimp po-boy for lunch one day, and shrimp and mac & cheese for dinner one night. The French Quarter Festival was going on the same time as my meeting.

I like snowballs. And thanks to a friend in the area, I was "in the know" about the Mango Freeze. It was SO GOOD.

I like zydeco.  There was a lot of different kind of music at FQF, but I sought out the zydeco. (I did actually attend all the meeting sessions- but I could walk to the French Quarter for lunch and dinner.)

Sean Ardoin:
Zachary Richard:

I like seeing people dancing in the street:

I like festivals. They seem to be more common down South, and are more likely to be free

I like walking along the river. And only in New Orleans are you likely to see Porta-Potties heading upriver in a john-boat.

I like beignets. A box of beignet mix came home with me- I wound up having to go through security twice at the airport, and both times the box of mix got taken out and wanded

And Maryland isn't all bad- things are blooming here now, but we had frost warnings last night!!! Crazy weather.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

I like Thursdays - 2018, week #14

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I like Easter egg hunts. My two teens indulged me in a marathon egg hunt/taekwondo practice this past weekend.

I like spring flowers. Alliums are good because the deer don't eat them.

The bleeding heart is starting to come up. The previous owners planted it - ONE thing at least they did right!! It was one clump at the base of the cedar tree for many years, and then last year it just EXPLODED.

These daffodils were planted just over 14 years ago.

I like our cedar trees. I'm not so happy when one of them succumbs to high winds :(  At least the half-a-tree didn't fall on the house.

I like buzzards. They're such cool birds.

 I like this boy. In the first photo, he's telling me how he doesn't approve of me being around the front of the house where he can't see me. In the second, he has eyes  only for my hotdog.

I like dinners around the firepit. Hot dogs and s'mores, yum.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

One Monthly Goal - April

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Last month's goal was to get this top finished, sandwiched, and basted. I at least got it finished!!!

April's goal is to sandwich and baste it.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Sunday Stash and Daily Stitching Reports - April 1

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"This week" actually means since my last post for stash/cash reports :) 

Used this week:           `  0.0 yards
Used year to date:       17.10 yards
Added this week:              0.0 yards
Added year to date:      34.00 yards


Balance:                     16.9 yards ADDED

Spent this week:       $    6.00
Spent this year:        $ 191.69


Days with stitching this week:  6 out of 7 days
Days with stitching this month:  31 out of 31 days 9March) 1 out of 30 days (April)

Days with stitching this year:  89 out of 91 days

Blocks this week:  11
Blocks for March:  31
Blocks for April:      3
Blocks this year:  202


Starting something new this month: At least 5 minutes sewing time per day - and I'm counting sewing-related activities (cutting, fabric management, etc.) as well. 

Spending was on books from the thrift store (not counting $$ on the fluffy mysteries: 

Not all the sewing went well this week. Nobody needs TWO seams to join two blocks :)