Sunday, April 19, 2015

Challenge quilt complete!

Quilt turn-in day for our guild's show was yesterday.

I finished the last of the binding and the label about 9:55 yesterday, minutes before I had to leave for karate. And apparently I have a rep now - when I went to turn it in, all the other ladies asked me when I'd finished, and when I admitted it was that morning, all of them busted out laughing. Oh well- it's done :)

The last one finished was the Bloomin' Challenge quilt (rules are here on our website). The challenge specified a them related to "the end" and my quilt is based [loosely] on a memory of my daughter at my grandmother's funeral.

 Over Christmas break, I went with my brother to Ft. Denaud cemetery where a big chunk of my family is buried and took photos of my grandmother's gravestone. I transferred the photo, and cut out just the stone to fuse to the background, then fussy cut the flowers from one of the challenge fabrics to fuse around the stone.

 The Lovely Daughter's dress was one of the challenge fabrics, with the trim another of the challenge fabrics. I used the back of a print for the flesh tone. Green spiky quilting for the sparse grass.

More of the orchid challenge fabrics as crepe myrtle blossoms.