Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grand giveaway

Cathy over at Crazy by Design is having a wonderful giveaway. SIX different wonderful packages. I'd like any of them, but my vintage gene won out, and I picked #4. So if you follow my link, pick something else to enter for! See:

Friday, November 27, 2009

A bit of work on ATC

Not much creativity around the house today - I continued picking up stuff, but mostly I watched the James Bond marathon on SyFy. (How stupid a name for a TV channel is that, anyway? When it was SciFi, I had no problems, but with SyFy, I want to pronounce it "siffy.") I did get the rest of the applique pieces for my ATC cut out and ready to go, and trimmed up about 3 more bases. Hopefully I will have enough done for the bases - otherwise I'll need to change the foot on the dang machine again.

I can't post any photos until the recipients get them - only little teasers, and that's no fun.

If I'm going to do the ornament exchange this year at Guild, I also need to get busy on that as well.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I made my first few ATCs, and they've turned out about as well as I hoped. No pictures, because they're going to be traded with other people, and I want it to be a surprise :)

If I was going to post pictures, they'd just be weird pictures of sunsets with contrails hidden behind trees, so you're not missing much.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Sweatshop

The annual costume extravaganza is over. The mid-kid had to have TWO costumes, since his dad thought up a great costume for him for his karate Halloween party.

The Lovely Daughter costume: a Dandy-Lion.

There was unbelievable angst this year about not buying a costume. Tears, shouting, the whole nine yards. The major problem I have is the incredible skimpiness of nearly all of the adult women's costume. Simply NOT appropriate for a teenage girl, no matter what the teenage girl thinks.

The Mid-Kid costume #1: Squire/Knight/Prince. [his idea, the one that went trick-or-treating]

The Mid-Kid costume #2: Mr. Derek, his karate instructor [his dad's idea] - the picture is of the mid-kid with the real Mr. Derek.

Small Man's costume: King De-de-de [a video game character]. This is at the KinderCare Halloween parade.

All kids together before trick-or-treating:

The trick-or-treating group [we picked up a couple more along the way]. This group has been going together for many years.

Much candy was acquired. I was the only casualty of the evening - my ankle went out from under me and I went down on a concrete path, scraping the heck out of my wrist.

Art Every Day Month - Day One

I've officially signed up for Art Every Day Month.

I'm off to a good start - I made these little flowers this morning:

At least one, and probably both, will go to my Lovely Daughter for her birthday next week. I have a few beads sewn into the center of the big one, and a pin back sewn on. Just need to find [or break down and buy some more] hairclips and sew one on and it's done.