Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The May UFO to work on is my tween daughter's quilt. It's based on a wallhanging design from My highly artistic daughter had to be the one who picked a pattern off the shelf! (Sort of - it'll be bed size instead, so I tweaked the measurements some and found another pattern for a cat design for another applique.)

I have a LOT of new bits of material to cut the windowpanes from, but I don't use the rotary cutter around the pre-schooler. He wants to do EVERYTHING we do, and rotary cutting just isn't something he'll be allowed to do for a while.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Someone who doesn't know me from Adam's cat likes my quilt!!

I ran across this post while browsing:
The Calico Cat

She likes Rocket Ships!
I never thought of it as an I Spy quilt, but I suppose it is. All I know is, the toddler likes it. And someone else!

I know all of us are too hard on ourselves - when I look at my quilts, all I see are the mistakes and things I would do different. This is a reminder that sometimes we should just stop and appreciate our own work.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

More quilt show photos

This is the ribbon I have for the iris quilt:

Hanging in the show:

And a close-up of the button in the middle:

And the happy boy who gets the quilt:

In addition to the bits from yesterday, today I bought some needles, a magnetic "magic wand" that will probably go to my secret sister, and this-
Two 9-panel sets of batik prints:

Some yard and half-yard cuts of batiks for a wall hanging:

And...some of my favorite quilts from the show.












My quilt gets to go to Nashville...

even if I don't. They called last night, and Serendipity Iris is in the top 8 for the Guild Challenge. I feel like Sally Field - They like me! They really like me!
Laura doesn't know she won't get this yet:

Most of the pics I took yesterday came out pretty bad - I'll try to do better today ;>)
Me with Rocket Ships! and the recipient:

Laura with a couple of small quilts:

A bigger album quilt:

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quilt show - sorry, no pics

The camera is still in the car...

I had floater duty Friday afternoon and made a quick run-through.

Today [after Pinewood Derby - no luck for the mid-kid, though - and lunch at Cici's] the whole family went. They have a scavenger hunt for the kids, and they wound up finding everything. And Rocket Ships was one of the things you were supposed to look for! They got some little scraps of fabric, then came home and wanted to sew them together (!!).

I won a raffle basket! It's Christmas-themed, and I suppose a Christmas quilt (or quilts) is in my future. I bought two bags of cheap S*E*X* (cheap Stash Enhancement Experience)- quart-sized bags of small pieces that are, well, very sexy (at least compared to what I usually buy).

I'm signed up to help tomorrow with "Kids' Activities" but will likely wind up floating again. I'll go early to vote for my favorites (and am I odd that MY quilts aren't my favorites?) and prowl the vendors' booths.

I bid on a ginkgo print in the silent auction; cross your fingers for me that I get it.

1. Quilts, what else?
2. Pizza buffets for lunch - makes lunching out with a toddler SO much easier.
3. My kidlets - they are often fun.
4. chocolate.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Slogging along

I can get most of one chess piece done every day. It ain't fast, but it's going.

I'm looking forward to the show - starts on Friday.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The "F word"


Both Rocket Ships! and Serendipity Iris are done, de-furred, and in bags awaiting turn-in. Since I'm volunteering for turn-in, I don't think I'll miss it.

There's at least some of April left to work on my April UFO:

It's the chess quilt for my middle boy. I need to applique on chess pieces and edge them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back from Florida...again

I'm still supremely wiped out. We (my daughter and I) left Maryland Wednesday afternoon about 4, arrived in central Florida by 7 the next day for memorial service #1, took Friday off, had memorial service #2 on Saturday. The services were very nice, just the sort of thing that Cheryl would've liked. My brother seems to be dealing as well as can be expected, but I worry about both him and my mother. Cheryl was the center of their universe, and her passing will live a big, big hole.

We drove back Sunday. In one day. Over 1000 miles. And I went to work on Monday. Clearly, I AM insane. I left work about 2:30 today because I felt sick; probably because I'm too old for this kind of thing!

I worked a LOT on Rocket Ships while I was down in Florida and finished the binding and nearly all of the quilting. I'm now in the process of finishing the quilting with some little silver stars, then I can put on the sleeve and the label. I did the sleeve and label for the iris quilt this afternoon. After de-hairing, it'll be ready to go.

I've volunteered (so far) for take-in on Saturday and floater Friday afternoon. I'll likely also volunteer for take-down on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Water! YAY!

It wasn't all a BAD return - these were also waiting for us. The pump guy came on Monday, and only $973 later, we have a brand spanking new pump (which is pretty much essentially the same as the old pump, only new).

More from my vacation goodies. This is my "new" baby. She's not very pretty, but she's been around. My mom got her as a graduation present from high school back in 1953.

Some work is required - this is what the "plug" currently looks like:
dead plug

Some random Singer goodies:

A few bits of fabric that may or may not fall apart when I wash them:

Some patterns:

Another quilt:

An innocent looking powder box, right?

But open it up, and BUTTONS!

1. Spring
2. Water!
3. A handyman husband who can replace the plug