Monday, January 29, 2018

Sunday Stash Report January 29, 2018

Linking up  to quiltpaintcreate for the Sunday stash report., a day late

Used this week:           0.55 yards
Used year to date:       8.85 yards
Added this week:         2.25 yards
Added year to date:     8.25 yards


Balance:                     0.6 yards USED

Spent this week:       $   28.28
Spent this year:        $ 102.53

Out this week: a fleece hat and mittens, and a miniature quilt

The quilt yardage is easy:
10.25 x 13.25, so I estimate 0.25 yards

The hat and mittens are harder...but 0.3 yards seems pretty close. 

And the adds...
This bag of quilt parts came home from the thrift store. A yard?  that and the ribbon yard were 4.28.

I bought 1.25 yards of SOFT SOFT fabric to make a Totoro for my daughter. I can't find the receipt for this, and I'm pretty sure I bought something else at JoAnn's - a skein of yarn, I think. (hiding under the thrift store necklace). I'll use $15 as a placeholder, and correct later if needed.

Another thrift store haul: 9 sets of knitting needles and a "learn to knit" book. $9 total.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mirror Images

This is my entry for Project Quilting, Challenge #2. Linking up to Kim Lapaccek's blog, Persimon Dreams.

The theme this week was Triangulation- and while this went through a few false starts, I'm happy with the end result. 10.25 x 13.25 inches.

Really squeaking under the wire this time!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

I Like Thursdays 2018, Week #4

Linking up to Not Afraid of Color.

 I like having sophisticated grown-up chains to hang the new plants in my bathroom from.

I bought the first plant a couple of weeks ago, and didn't have chain. This was the McGyver solution while I decided if I liked the plant-hanging-in-the-bathroom. Last week I went to Home Depot and got chains, and a second plant (the eye screws in the ceiling have been there since we moved in.)

I like shopping bags!! My brother knows of my obsession with them, and gifts me with new ones every Christmas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the peacock bag.
 Minnie Mouse- It's a good bet my SIL picked this one out :)
 Pretty flowers.

I like going to art shows. My husband has a carved bangle in the "wood" half of this show - the other half is fiber.

 This was my favorite piece. (Full review of the show in last Sunday's post.)

I like making hats. My youngest asked for a robot hat, so this is what I made him, along with the mittens. All out of fleece that is OVERFLOWING its bin.

I like David Suchet as Poirot. Such a lovely performance.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Stash Report January 21, 2018

Linking up  to quiltpaintcreate for the Sunday stash report.

Used this week:           2.4 yards
Used year to date:       8.3 yards
Added this week:         0 yards
Added year to date:     6 yards


Balance:                     2.3 yards USED

Spent this week:       $   8.46

Spent this year:        $ 74.25

I bought a box of washers at Home Depot to make pattern weights.

"Big Brother" quilt finished

for a literal big brother- my great-nephew.

String blocks, backed with fleece.

41 inches on each side.

2.1 yards of quilting cotton,
1.25 yards of fleece

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fiber Show at BlackRock Center for the Arts

I went to the Artist's Reception at the BlackRock this afternoon- TMOTH has a piece in the wood half of the show, and I wanted to see the fiber pieces since I entered and didn't get in.

Overall- I can see why my quilt wasn't accepted. Most of the pieces were much more abstract.

I think the photo of the first two is the only one where I didn't get a picture of the artist card as well, but it's clearly Linda Colsh. This type of artwork is something where I can appreciate the work that goes into it, and the technical expertise, but as art - meh. Not my cup of tea.

Not a fan of these sorts of things. I'm sure there is artistic vision here, but it doesn't say anything at all to me.

Abstract quilts. Beautiful workmanship - but I'm not a huge fan of abstract art in any medium.

A weaving- very subtle and beautiful.

Some stunning beadwork.

This was pretty- another one that is better in person than in photographs.

 An interesting concept, but more performance art.

A weaving, and some abstract pieces.

Joe's carved bangle- the only wood piece I took a photo of.

This piece was similar to the one I submitted, in that it uses more "traditional" quilting techniques and is overtly political.

The oddest piece in the show- made out of pipe insulation.

The other Colsh piece.

Not my thing.

Another type of quilt where I can appreciate the workmanship, but I don't find it all that exciting.

More abstract work.

This one was way cooler in person- the embroidery really makes the piece.

This was my favorite piece in the show.

Interesting, and might have had some meaning behind the art we didn't know about?

Not part of the exhibir-but I loved this lady's jacket!