Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chair Refinishing

Wow, no posts since April?

 I started refinishing this chair, that I've had since about 1992. It was being thrown away at MTSU, so I rescued it. And it's stayed in its battleship grey camouflage since then.
 Nice lines, though.
 And you can see bits of the oak underneath peeking through.
 Starting supplies - I've refinished furniture before, but not for a LONG time.
 Stripper bubbles paint!
 Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble :)
 Look at that pretty wood underneath!

 They even put a coat of grey paint on the underside.

 Ready to move to the shade again.
 Definitely progress.
 Taking a break to replant succulents :)
 Laying out supplies on the picnic table.
 Stripper success!

 Little chip in the wood that needs to be repaired
 Sanding time1
 This may or may not create problems - it's a drip of superglue that I used to glue the splinter back in place.
 All sanded smooth.

This project got started the end of May, and I hadn't gotten much done in the month of July - too much travel and work crap.