Sunday, August 12, 2012


I don't splurge on a regular occasion. Payday Friday I'll get a skim latte across the street from work, and that's about it. But for an occasional treat, nothing beats YoCake. There's one at the mall near work, and if it's been a *really* bad week at work, I'll take myself over mid-afternoon for a treat.

Today was our annual run-around shopping madly marathon back-to-school readiness day. First to Staples where we found a backpack for the Karate Kid and some ridiculously cheap composition books for the Small Man. On to Target for the rest - backpack and lunchbox for Small Man, pens and pencils and erasers for everybody. The Lovely Daughter also wanted "80s glam" Sharpies which were only available in a $20 assortment from Target. On to Michaels, who didn't have them.

So we took the boys home and the Lovely Daughter and I went off to Plaza for art supplies - but no Sharpies there, either. She consoled herself with about $50 worth of paint and linseed oil, and I bought paper to make a card. On the way back, we stopped at the other YoCake location and treated ourselves. Yum.