Saturday, December 31, 2016

WITB December 31, Basket #6

This was another case of nesting!!

The blue plastic basket is a very handy tote when it's not stuffed with other stuff (gratuitous sleeping dog in the picture).
 On top are the wonder clips TMOTH got me for Christmas, my office-in-a-bag-in-progress, and the first of two backpacks.

On the bottom of the stack were two books, two magazines, and two sheets of wrapping paper.
In the two backpacks (combined) I found:
1. Five crochet hooks
2. Two spools of thread
3. Two tubes of lip balm
4. A tube of mascara (I don't even remember the last time I wore mascara)
5. Tickets to two separate concerts (FarmAid and Idina Menzel)
6. Crocheted moccasin parts, and the pattern
7. Patterns for a shawl and a hat (both completed)
8. An infinity cowl I made at FarmAid, with the little bit of yarn left over
9. 14 pens
10. Assorted professional meeting paraphernalia
11. Assorted affinity cards
12. A nail file and buffer
13. A couple of dollars in change
14. The start to a red hat
15. about 5 bags of stuffed animal eyes
16. Starbucks napkins
17. A couple of zippers
18. A bottle of baby aspirin and a baggie with ibuprofen
19. Two tins of mints, plus a couple of after-dinner mint packages
20. A bag of cough drops
21. A baggie of sparkly embellishments
22.small scrap of fabric
23. pair of compression stockings
24. Flyer from the Peacock Room show we went to about a year ago

Book It!

The latest Stashbuster challenge is called Book It and is being hosted by Meloney over on Mel's quilting blog.

The book I chose was "Big Book of Small Quilts" by Mary Hickey, and I'm going to make the Stellar Jays quilt.

WITB December 31, Box 2, 3, 4, and 5

Box #2 is a fabric bin TMOTH got me last Christmas. They're handy, but hide stuff.

In this box:
1. Another box! (a Krispy Kreme bucket, that will be #4)
2. Various strings and scraps of fabric
3. A large-ish piece of leftover backing that's probably big enough for another small quilt
4. Two magnets with a pin stuck to them
5. A project bag with: a spool of thread and really tiny cheap useless scissors)
6. A bag of embroidery supplies from a friend's downsizing sale
7. A WIP Christmas tree
8. Papers to be filed
9. an all-light 9 patch
10. a ruler
11. A pair of Fiskars
12. A scrap of batting

Box #3 was a project box, but will be repurposed for strips.

In this box:
1. a monogrammed pincushion from a friend in last year's Secret Santa swap (cleverly photographed from the back so you can't see the monogram)
2. A pair of scissors!
3. Two spools of black thread and one empty spool
4. a package of needles
5. One lonely safety pin

Box #4 - Krispy Kreme Bucket.

In this bucket:
1. some disgusting balls of yarn, promptly thrown away
2. A couple of measuring tapes
3. A spool of thread
4. A scissors charm
5. three binder clips
6. a few arts and crafts supplies
7. the BEST lip balm
8. a box of pins
9. school photo of the youngest from a couple of years ago
10. a strip for black-and-white 9-patches
11. tweezers and more safety pins and buttons

Box #5 is an overflowing strip bin; I got enough out of those into the new strip bin to get it closed if I can find that lid. There were also some non-strip scraps and one orphan block hiding in there!

WITB - December 31 Bag 1

This bag was in my dining room - the first phase of the great reorganization project. It's a cool Star Wars bag my brother got me for my birthday- and it's full.

These are the contents all laid out:

1. Four skeins of thread
2. Two pillowcases stamped for embroidery, and embroidery thread
3. Two pairs of scissors - one for kids, one good embroidery scissors
4. A packet of good needles, and one random floating needle
5. A pressed penny from National Geographic
6. Random quilt squares and triangles
7. Flannel squares
8. Four vintage cross stitch mini-kits
9. A bag of pincushions ready to be stuffed\
10. Art supplies - colored pencils, markers, drawing pencils, Zentangle kit
11. A nice journal my ex-boss got me as his retirement gift to me
12. A single large binder clip and a couple of safety pins
13. Six professional meeting pins
14. A broken necklace
15. A pair of socks
16. Black elastic
17. A plastic fork
18. A Knit-Pro ruler
19. A couple of random game pieces

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Solstice Challenge

Pat Sloan is hosting a Solstice Challenge on her blog - one block per week, for about 26 weeks. These are my first two blocks:

The yellow is a solid (that I have a couple of yards of); the other fabrics will be scrappy purples and teals/turquoises.

Monday, December 26, 2016

What's in the box?

This is a new challenge for the new year for my Stashbusters Yahoo group. We're officially starting January 1 - every Sunday, go through a stash container and DEAL WITH IT. I have not just boxes, but LOTS of tote bags.

I'm getting an early start, since my Christmas vacation mission is to conquer my hallway to the basement. I'm tired of stepping over stuff! This bag was one of the things on the floor:

It's quite a nice bag- it was a prize from Prairie Moon Quilts sometime the past year.

The view from the top:

And here are the contents, all laid out on my dining room table:
1. A pattern (back in the bag)
2. A pocket mirror (broken, so into the trash)
3. An empty battery container (trash)
4. Half of a shoe polishing kit (on a shelf in the hallway, until I find the other half)
5. A green fabric circle, for a fabric Christmas tree that never happened (trash)
6. Paper scissors (the scissors box)
7. My reading glasses (my new purse)
8. Thistle Farm lotion (my new purse)
9. Flashlight (my new purse)
10. Thread (set aside to donate to the guild's raffle basket box)
11. Oil pastels (set aside until I find the art supplies)
12. T Rex kit (missing parts, so trash)
13. Small red zipper container (my new purse)
14. Jar of buttons (with the other buttons)
15. Glue stick (school supply box)
16. Frisbee (sporting equipment)
17. Tape measure (drawer of the antique sewing machine in the dining room)
18. Sticky notes (my new purse)

If I finish here, there's another bag in the bedroom I keep tripping over that's next on the list.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Last-minute Christmas gifts

My middle kid asked for the Flaafy stuffie for Christmas quite a while ago, but I didn't get started until Dec. 23. Nothing like procrastination!

The youngest provided me with a long list of Pokemon that he wanted HEADS - not the entire Pokemon - made from. One got made for Christmas - I picked the easiest one :)