Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 Stash Report Week 35

Yards in: 1
Yards out: 0.5
Cumulative yards in: 24.4
Cumulative yards out: 23.35
Net gain/loss: 1.05 GAINED

Spending since last post: $64.21
Spending this year: $274.36

I got the center of a small scrappy quilt finished last night:
 photo 6002_zps97a94b4f.jpg

Ralph had no interest in helping.
 photo 6003_zps06aa859f.jpg

But today I set up the ironing board and got it all pressed. That stripe in the middle isn't really a stripe - it's the length-wise borders cut to size.
 photo 004_zpse9887068.jpg

Hopefully I can get to quilting tomorrow - the reality at my house is that my quilting machine often looks like this:
 photo 001_zps72431945.jpg

I also spent some time today shifting things around, so now it looks better:
 photo 002_zpsd1704bdd.jpg

Most of the spending was on batting :) Labor day sale at Jo-Ann netted 5 yards of Warm & White and a queen-size Pellon batt.

I also bought two spools of thread, a new rotary cutter, and two half-yard cuts of CUTE flannel:
 photo 6001_zps96eb38f2.jpg

I just don't remember fabric that cute being around when *my* kids were babies. I was able to make four burp cloths out of this so far, for the half-yard used ~ I used the tutorial here. The first ones I made were the pink owls, backed with a snow-died t-shirt I never wore because it was too tight for me, and I was cursing the advice to use the knit. The pink knit for the puppies worked much better for some reason.
 photo 003_zps25b922f6.jpg

And now the bib pattern I worked up has disappeared! I can re-do it, but that's just annoying.

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ozzypip said...

I can't see your photos for some reason If I click on them it takes me to photobucket and not sure what I am supposed to do from there. Might be something I have done wrong.