Friday, January 25, 2008

Stash enhancement

I stopped by Hancock's on the way home because I needed Kona cotton to finish the mid-kid's quilt top. I got 1.5 (plus, more on that later) yards each of black, white, and snow. I was 95% certain I'd started with snow, but in the store it looked too yellow, so I got white as well. I figured I'd probably be happy to have white cotton around at some point.

Welllll, on the remnant racks, they had grab bags. My weakness, so I bought 2 at $3.50 each. I could see at least a couple of prints in each bag that looked fun. It worked out well - I will post photos soon, once The Man is off the desktop that the camera hooks up to.

1. That the ladies at the Hancock's cutting table are so nice. Today, it just so happened that all of the pieces of Kona were the ends of the bolts, so she gave me the extra length on ALL of them at no charge. At least an extra quarter-yard of each.
2. That I can be thrilled by a grab bag of fabric. I'm a cheap date, too.
3. Macaroni and cheese for dinner. The ultimate comfort food for me.
4. Sunsets and sunrises and kids that notice and comment on them. Nearly every morning, the pre-teen and the toddler discuss how wonderful the sunrise in; in the evenings, they look for the moon.
5. A toddler who sees vapor trails and crows "Rocket Ships!"

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