Monday, January 28, 2008



Here she is. Border pieced and sewn on, sandwiched and safety-pinned. Most of the flower's been quilted around so far - going faster than I thought.

Gratitudes -
1. Trader Joe's - Love that store.
2. Happy kids.
3. Oreo cookies.
4. Halls mentho-lyptus cough drops.


Jen said...

It's VERY pretty!! What a bummer that you can't enter it. What if you added a border and then cut it off later on to re-bind it? I guess it all depends on how badly you want to enter the contest. What difference does a few inches really make? =(

Regina said...

Gorgeous - so sorry it is too small 'cause it looks like a winner to me!!!

Moneik said...

wow, it's really pretty, too bad it's too small.