Friday, January 11, 2008

50th post!

Don't know why I never noticed the number of posts before.

At any rate - back to G Street Fabrics today, THIS time with the iris pieces. I bought a lovely brick red ( piece for the background - quite a large change from the cream I started off with. I may order more online - it was almost $10 at G street, but I needed it NOW or I'd never stand a chance of finishing by April.

Of course I bought two more bags of remnants. More scarf-y fabric, some nice knits, some horrible pieces that you wonder why ANYBODY thought it would be a good idea to make/stock/buy, even a piece of fake fur that may eventually become a bear. Fun, fun, fun. I then went next door to AC Moore and bought a skein of charcoal yarn to work on the mid-kid's afghan. I really need a red, but the only red they had was really bright, and I would really prefer a deeper red.

One of the list-servs I belong to had a thoughtful post about having gratitude for what you have, and not trying to worry about - or even THINK about - things that you really don't NEED to think about. Listing gratitudes was suggested, so mine are:
1. It's Friday!
2. That I can walk into my kitchen and make cookie dough.
3. Healthy kids.
4. A new shirt (although it is a little sad that an increasing portion of my wardrobe is the result of spilling coffee on myself on the way to work).
5. Fabric to pet.

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