Friday, January 18, 2008


I sewed down a stem and a quarter of a leaf before I noticed that I was sewing through TWO layers of fabric. Ripped it out, and started resewing. All pieces of applique are now pinned - I have a stem, a leaf, a bud, a calyx, and a petal frill to finish. AND a border to design, cut out, and sew.

I bought backing fabric for the iris today at Jo-Ann, along with some more black Kona cotton to finish the mid-kid's chess piece top. Also a remnant of fireman fabric for fifty cents! It's almost a yard! AND, last but not least, using the last of my 50% off coupons, a smaller rotary cutting ruler. I have lots of little pieces to cut for the tween's quilt, and wanted (not NEEDED, obviously) a more maneuverable ruler.

This computer has no working photo input. The spouse - who, to be fair, BUILT this computer and is usually pretty savvy - can't figure out how all of the ports are fried. So, to get photos off the camera, I have to use the laptop. The mid-kid is playing now, and I don't feel like kicking him off. So no photos tonight.

I'm grateful tonight for:
1. No snow today!
2. Schools opened on time, and little traffic meant an easy commute
3. A good friend for my daughter
4. Toddler artwork
5. Comfy socks

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