Saturday, January 19, 2008


A useful day today:
1. Finished the applique on the iris
2. Decided on a border and sewed about half of it
3. Started sewing more of the chess quilt together - it's going to be REALLY cool
4. Washed and pressed the flannel blocks - they're REALLY wonky, but I'm just going to put on the sashing and square them up and ignore the wonkiness
5. Washed and dried most of the new fabric - there may be still some hanging out in the washer
6. Put another row on the mid-kid's new afghan

Today's gratefulness:
1. Rotary cutters
2. Colored pencils
3. A yummy dinner
4. Sweatpants
5. No snow today
6. Seeing how happy all of the Wrens are to see snow in the South

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