Wednesday, January 22, 2014

OLD (very old) UFO completed

I acquired the plaid flannel orphan blocks in the late '70s or early '80s, during thrift store outings with my Memaw. It's not at all clear, actually, whether I bought them myself or inherited them from her. All handsewn, and VERY VERY wonky.

I bought the camel and blue flannel to border the blocks and get them to square a few years ago, finally finished the top late last year (process photos here), and got the quilting done over this last MLK weekend. Finished binding late last night, and now I have a very soft quilt to snuggle under.

I just quilted straight diagonal lines - detail below. I used a blue variegated Aurifil; I was a little concerned it would be too heavy but it worked absolutely perfectly.

I almost finished off a spool of plain blue Coats & Clarks I used for the bobbin and sewing down the binding.

Finished size is 60 x 72, and my yardage estimate is 7.5 yards busted. (All from "this year's" stash, although I bought wide backing late last year for finishing.)


Gina said...

Looks great. Well done on rescuing those blocks and turning them into something lovely xx

RAnn said...

HOw lovely, and you can think of her when you use it.

Jasmine said...

I love finishing up old projects. This sure looks cuddly.