Sunday, January 12, 2014

Toffee quilt done!

Ralph found the pinned quilt on the table a nice place to rest.

I started quilting a little before noon, and was done before 4.
You can see from the close-up there are some loooong stitches - my machine doesn't much like seams, and there a lot - plus the extra thickness of two layers of batting and a heavy backing.
I machine-stitched the binding, so that went a LOT faster. The backing is an old piece from the stash, likely inherited from my grandmother. It's heavier than quilting cotton, maybe denim weight or light canvas. It had grommets from where it used to be a curtain.
Anyway, it's DONE. 51.5 x 37.5 = about 2.8 yards stash busted. YAY!. I think he approves.


Deb said...

It is always great when our quilts are appreciated, even if it is by the dogs!

Vic in NH said...

Red is my neutral, so I love Toffee's quilt just like he does! That's a nice size to fit right into the washing machine, too. And using two layers of batting is pure genius. good job!