Saturday, December 31, 2016

WITB December 31, Basket #6

This was another case of nesting!!

The blue plastic basket is a very handy tote when it's not stuffed with other stuff (gratuitous sleeping dog in the picture).
 On top are the wonder clips TMOTH got me for Christmas, my office-in-a-bag-in-progress, and the first of two backpacks.

On the bottom of the stack were two books, two magazines, and two sheets of wrapping paper.
In the two backpacks (combined) I found:
1. Five crochet hooks
2. Two spools of thread
3. Two tubes of lip balm
4. A tube of mascara (I don't even remember the last time I wore mascara)
5. Tickets to two separate concerts (FarmAid and Idina Menzel)
6. Crocheted moccasin parts, and the pattern
7. Patterns for a shawl and a hat (both completed)
8. An infinity cowl I made at FarmAid, with the little bit of yarn left over
9. 14 pens
10. Assorted professional meeting paraphernalia
11. Assorted affinity cards
12. A nail file and buffer
13. A couple of dollars in change
14. The start to a red hat
15. about 5 bags of stuffed animal eyes
16. Starbucks napkins
17. A couple of zippers
18. A bottle of baby aspirin and a baggie with ibuprofen
19. Two tins of mints, plus a couple of after-dinner mint packages
20. A bag of cough drops
21. A baggie of sparkly embellishments
22.small scrap of fabric
23. pair of compression stockings
24. Flyer from the Peacock Room show we went to about a year ago

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