Sunday, January 01, 2017

WITB January 1 #1

This is a wicker basket in my living room:

1. A pillow form, still needing a few inches of sewing to cover the foam
2. A package of construction paper
3. Yarn- 1 full skein, 1 mostly-full skein, 1 leftover ball
4. loan paperwork
5. School pictures
6. Project bag with feedsack mini-quilt, scissors, 2 spools of thread, package of needles
7. package of really big needles
8. Ball of perle cotton
9. Roll of painters tape
10. Bag of packages of needles
11. Box of packages of needles
12. Bag of freshwater pearls
13. Bag of tapestry needles
14. BiRangle ruler
15. Micron pen
16. Assorted scraps
17. Five fat quarters
18. Spool of thread
19, One Dr. Scholl insole (the other one is likely close by)
20. Cut-off bottoms from pants hemmed
21. My new AAA card
22. Dinner napkin
23. Microfiber cleaning cloth

1 comment:

RAnn said...

I guess if I need needles I know who to ask. I have a couple of closets in my house that need to be gone through.