Saturday, December 31, 2016

WITB - December 31 Bag 1

This bag was in my dining room - the first phase of the great reorganization project. It's a cool Star Wars bag my brother got me for my birthday- and it's full.

These are the contents all laid out:

1. Four skeins of thread
2. Two pillowcases stamped for embroidery, and embroidery thread
3. Two pairs of scissors - one for kids, one good embroidery scissors
4. A packet of good needles, and one random floating needle
5. A pressed penny from National Geographic
6. Random quilt squares and triangles
7. Flannel squares
8. Four vintage cross stitch mini-kits
9. A bag of pincushions ready to be stuffed\
10. Art supplies - colored pencils, markers, drawing pencils, Zentangle kit
11. A nice journal my ex-boss got me as his retirement gift to me
12. A single large binder clip and a couple of safety pins
13. Six professional meeting pins
14. A broken necklace
15. A pair of socks
16. Black elastic
17. A plastic fork
18. A Knit-Pro ruler
19. A couple of random game pieces

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