Saturday, December 31, 2016

WITB December 31, Box 2, 3, 4, and 5

Box #2 is a fabric bin TMOTH got me last Christmas. They're handy, but hide stuff.

In this box:
1. Another box! (a Krispy Kreme bucket, that will be #4)
2. Various strings and scraps of fabric
3. A large-ish piece of leftover backing that's probably big enough for another small quilt
4. Two magnets with a pin stuck to them
5. A project bag with: a spool of thread and really tiny cheap useless scissors)
6. A bag of embroidery supplies from a friend's downsizing sale
7. A WIP Christmas tree
8. Papers to be filed
9. an all-light 9 patch
10. a ruler
11. A pair of Fiskars
12. A scrap of batting

Box #3 was a project box, but will be repurposed for strips.

In this box:
1. a monogrammed pincushion from a friend in last year's Secret Santa swap (cleverly photographed from the back so you can't see the monogram)
2. A pair of scissors!
3. Two spools of black thread and one empty spool
4. a package of needles
5. One lonely safety pin

Box #4 - Krispy Kreme Bucket.

In this bucket:
1. some disgusting balls of yarn, promptly thrown away
2. A couple of measuring tapes
3. A spool of thread
4. A scissors charm
5. three binder clips
6. a few arts and crafts supplies
7. the BEST lip balm
8. a box of pins
9. school photo of the youngest from a couple of years ago
10. a strip for black-and-white 9-patches
11. tweezers and more safety pins and buttons

Box #5 is an overflowing strip bin; I got enough out of those into the new strip bin to get it closed if I can find that lid. There were also some non-strip scraps and one orphan block hiding in there!

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