Monday, December 26, 2016

What's in the box?

This is a new challenge for the new year for my Stashbusters Yahoo group. We're officially starting January 1 - every Sunday, go through a stash container and DEAL WITH IT. I have not just boxes, but LOTS of tote bags.

I'm getting an early start, since my Christmas vacation mission is to conquer my hallway to the basement. I'm tired of stepping over stuff! This bag was one of the things on the floor:

It's quite a nice bag- it was a prize from Prairie Moon Quilts sometime the past year.

The view from the top:

And here are the contents, all laid out on my dining room table:
1. A pattern (back in the bag)
2. A pocket mirror (broken, so into the trash)
3. An empty battery container (trash)
4. Half of a shoe polishing kit (on a shelf in the hallway, until I find the other half)
5. A green fabric circle, for a fabric Christmas tree that never happened (trash)
6. Paper scissors (the scissors box)
7. My reading glasses (my new purse)
8. Thistle Farm lotion (my new purse)
9. Flashlight (my new purse)
10. Thread (set aside to donate to the guild's raffle basket box)
11. Oil pastels (set aside until I find the art supplies)
12. T Rex kit (missing parts, so trash)
13. Small red zipper container (my new purse)
14. Jar of buttons (with the other buttons)
15. Glue stick (school supply box)
16. Frisbee (sporting equipment)
17. Tape measure (drawer of the antique sewing machine in the dining room)
18. Sticky notes (my new purse)

If I finish here, there's another bag in the bedroom I keep tripping over that's next on the list.

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Gina said...

Good Luck. I did similar over the summer. I had to empty my sewing room due to a water leak so took the opportunity to completely overhaul it