Sunday, August 28, 2016

Stash Report ~ August 28

Since it turns out my last official stash report was back in January, this isn't particularly accurate :)

Yards in: 13.8 
Yards out: 11.3
Cumulative yards in: 14
Cumulative yards out:  12.5
Net gain/use: 1.5 ADDED

That is over the past month, when I've been blogging - better than just quitting keeping track, I think.

THIS week's additions to the stash are:

$22.24 at JoAnn's for backing and needles.
2 yards of wide backing = 4.9 yards total

$13.77 for a bucket of buttons at the Goodwill. 68 full cards, 14 partial cards, and quite a few loose buttons.


Pack Rat With a Plan said...

What do you do with all the buttons? I have oodles of buttons, but no plan in mind.

Michele said...

I mostly pet them :) sometimes I'll use one to embellish a quilt, and I *always* can find one that at least sort-of matches a shirt button that gets lost.