Saturday, August 20, 2016

New-to-me books and magazines and such

I stopped by my local used bookstore during lunch Friday. A break from the office, a few $$ to the Friends of the Library, and some inspiration for me. Goodness all around. for only $11.75.

1. Stitch magazine. I mostly bought this one because it has a full-size bucket hat pattern included.

2. An appointment book. It's not dated, so I can start at any time. My plan is to use this to keep track of things for the upcoming fair year.

3. This is fun, since Lois is a local quilter, and some of the quilts in her book were made by other local quilters.

4. Mainly, I like the owl on the cover.

5. I think this is mostly intended for decorative painting, but I'm thinking of tracing the letters for embroidery.

6. This has some really interesting blocks- a lot of curved designs.

7. This might be the push I need to make a quilted jacket. Lots of simple patterns are included.

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RAnn said...

Nice haul!