Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Water! YAY!

It wasn't all a BAD return - these were also waiting for us. The pump guy came on Monday, and only $973 later, we have a brand spanking new pump (which is pretty much essentially the same as the old pump, only new).

More from my vacation goodies. This is my "new" baby. She's not very pretty, but she's been around. My mom got her as a graduation present from high school back in 1953.

Some work is required - this is what the "plug" currently looks like:
dead plug

Some random Singer goodies:

A few bits of fabric that may or may not fall apart when I wash them:

Some patterns:

Another quilt:

An innocent looking powder box, right?

But open it up, and BUTTONS!

1. Spring
2. Water!
3. A handyman husband who can replace the plug


Amelia said...

I know you are happy to have water again. Living in the country we have a water well so if the electric is off...also means we have no water.

Enjoyed looking at your "old" stuff.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Kristie said...

Yeah!!! Water!!!! I love all of your goodies! How precious that you have your mothers sewing machine! I LOVE the quilt.

Deb A said...

Glad you have water. Love that quilt and all the neat finds! I have a box like your 'button' box from my grandmother... bobbins, buttons and pins were in mine!