Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back from Florida...again

I'm still supremely wiped out. We (my daughter and I) left Maryland Wednesday afternoon about 4, arrived in central Florida by 7 the next day for memorial service #1, took Friday off, had memorial service #2 on Saturday. The services were very nice, just the sort of thing that Cheryl would've liked. My brother seems to be dealing as well as can be expected, but I worry about both him and my mother. Cheryl was the center of their universe, and her passing will live a big, big hole.

We drove back Sunday. In one day. Over 1000 miles. And I went to work on Monday. Clearly, I AM insane. I left work about 2:30 today because I felt sick; probably because I'm too old for this kind of thing!

I worked a LOT on Rocket Ships while I was down in Florida and finished the binding and nearly all of the quilting. I'm now in the process of finishing the quilting with some little silver stars, then I can put on the sleeve and the label. I did the sleeve and label for the iris quilt this afternoon. After de-hairing, it'll be ready to go.

I've volunteered (so far) for take-in on Saturday and floater Friday afternoon. I'll likely also volunteer for take-down on Sunday.

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Moneik said...

Sure hope you get rested up from your stressful week. We did the same thing, but not quite as many miles. It's always good to be around family for support.