Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quilt show - sorry, no pics

The camera is still in the car...

I had floater duty Friday afternoon and made a quick run-through.

Today [after Pinewood Derby - no luck for the mid-kid, though - and lunch at Cici's] the whole family went. They have a scavenger hunt for the kids, and they wound up finding everything. And Rocket Ships was one of the things you were supposed to look for! They got some little scraps of fabric, then came home and wanted to sew them together (!!).

I won a raffle basket! It's Christmas-themed, and I suppose a Christmas quilt (or quilts) is in my future. I bought two bags of cheap S*E*X* (cheap Stash Enhancement Experience)- quart-sized bags of small pieces that are, well, very sexy (at least compared to what I usually buy).

I'm signed up to help tomorrow with "Kids' Activities" but will likely wind up floating again. I'll go early to vote for my favorites (and am I odd that MY quilts aren't my favorites?) and prowl the vendors' booths.

I bid on a ginkgo print in the silent auction; cross your fingers for me that I get it.

1. Quilts, what else?
2. Pizza buffets for lunch - makes lunching out with a toddler SO much easier.
3. My kidlets - they are often fun.
4. chocolate.

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