Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back home again

We came home last night to a busted well pump. SO - no toilet flushing, no dishwashing, no laundry. I swung by Home Depot for a fuse in case that was the problem with the pump (no such luck), by the gas station for gas (TWO!- more pump troubles - the gas pump kept shutting off at the first station after a dollar or two. At least gas was cheaper at the second station.), by the grocery for staples and paper plates, and to pick up the dogs from puppy camp.

We had a good visit.
Easter Sunday we went to church with my brother and SIL-to-be and Mom. It's an evangelical church, and I didn't warn the kids beforehand. NOT what DD is used to from her friend's church here.

Monday was hanging out with the family. Mom lives with my brother, and we were staying at her house, which is about 30 miles away.

Tuesday Mom came over and spent the day going through stuff in the garage. This is Mom and my youngest at her front door, both with their "sympathy sticks."
Small Man and Grandma

We found lots of cool stuff in the garage and threw LOTS of stuff away. Lots came home with us.

This is four bags seamed together:
nitrage bags

This is a king-size quilt top made by my grandmother, most likely for my Mom's bed. Another item for the UFO list:
log cabin top

A few finished quilts, not from my family, but either from my Dad's mom or stepmom. This is one that I absolutely LOVE. The close-up shows the fan quilting pattern.


Oddly enough, it matches our bedroom fairly well.

Another quilt, using 40s or so fabrics.


The quilting pattern on the back:

A random quilt block, maker unknown:
quilt block

Wednesday, we went to the beach at Sanibel with my brother and his granddaughter, K. We had a lovely lunch and then couldn't park, so we went to the nature center and toured it for an hour or so. Then we could park and beach for a few hours.

Toddler and cousin K at the beach:

My "little" brother:
My "baby" brother

The family at the beach:
Family at Sanibel

Another shot of the family:
beach 2

Not too many shells at Sanibel, oddly, but DH happened on a scallop bed. This is one he picked up and put in the bowl. It opened up and then squirted water at us!

More later - I'm beat! A teaser photo for the upcoming post:

1. Paper plates
2. Someone else washing the dogs
3. The new vet - the anti-itch regimen starts today
4. Argentinian merlot


Amelia said...

Enjoyed the mini vacation in looking at your pictures. I bet you are tired and glad to be home!

The old quilts were quite interesting.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Suzan Oxenreider said...

Welcome back! Glad you enjoyed your vacation but so sorry you came home to no well pump. Loved seeing the vintage quilts...

Beth said...

I loved the quilts! Looks like a sneak peak at a Featherweight! I have a case in my studio that looks JUST like this one! ::::grin:::