Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Progress on many fronts-

- Only about 8 motifs and 4 half-motifs until I can start edging the pre-teen's afghan.
- The mid-kid's afghan is about half done.
- I got a couple of new animal prints for the toddler's quilt and finished another block. I bought some cool space fabric to finish it with a couple of weeks ago with a 40% off coupon.
- I almost finished the back for the ugly quilt this weekend - I ran out of light and thread (now I know that it IS possible to run out of white Dual Duty Plus!
- I bought more thread and a bulb for the sewing machine!!!
- I bought a pattern and fabric to make pants. One of my few remaining work pants busted out the zipper last night.
- I bound off the knitting for TMOTH's Christmas hat.

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