Friday, September 14, 2007

Afghan milestones

The hexagons are all together and the border is done! Now all I have to do is finish tucking and trimming all of the little ends from joining the hexagons. Why the heck I didn't do that as I was joining them I will never know.

I was also able to get a skein of black yarn 40% off at Jo-Ann's today. That should be enough to finish the mid-kid's afghan. It's about half-done now. I managed to make it out of there under $20; surely a minor miracle. I got a yard of cream for the background for our guild challenge quilt, some orange for pumpkin placemats, a couple of clearance remnants, and some big safety pins. Everything on sale! Everything I needed! (Well, except for the $0.34 remnant that will likely turn into a bag.)

The ugly quilt is progressing. I should finish quilting at least the center motif this weekend, even with the busy schedule. Shaker Forest Festival this weekend! WOO HOO!!!

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