Saturday, September 22, 2007

I need to make some bags...

We went to Trader Joe's tonight after the spaghetti dinner and I bought one of their canvas shopping bags. A very nice bag, but $2.99!!! Since I use them more for WIPs than for shopping, I have a little more leeway in what type of fabric I can use.

I went to the Bethesda Quilters' show on Friday. A small show, but some very nice quilts. No vendors at the show, but a super white elephant sale. Big ziplocs of fabric scraps for $1.00 (I got two). Small cuts of fabric for $1.00 each (I got two approx half-yard cuts). One is a cream with white design that just makes my heart go pitter-patter.

I also bought a floor-standing oval hoop for $10.00. Now I just need to shovel the junk off the living room floor so I can use it.

The ugly quilt is almost finished. I have two more hearts to quilt, then about a foot on each end to decide what to do with, finishing the edge, and I'm done. The mid-kid's afghan is almost done, too. Just some edging left. No evil ends to weave in on this one - I'm just crocheting over the ends to finish.

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