Sunday, January 08, 2017

Project QUILTING - Season 8, first challenge

Project QUILTING is a fun challenge found over at Persimmon Dreams.

The first challenge this year, appropriately, is EIGHT.

My first inspiration for eight was eight LEGS - a spider. I know a LOT of people are terrified of spiders, but I am truly fond of them, and appreciate all they do for the world.

My first idea was to have a pieced background with an appliqued spider. While pulling green fabric for the background, I found this small piece of batik that was absolutely perfect - shades of green for leaves, pops of orange and yellow for flowers.

 Next step is to quilt the background with a spider web. Just winging it, like my arachnid friends.

 Once it's done, I scrapped the idea for an applique, once I remembered I had a bag of plastic spiders in the basement.

But that web is so plain...what it needs is some dew, in the form of beads. And boy do I have beads.

I start beading with the intent of adding a few beads. And then realize I won't be happy unless I bead the entire damn web.
 So I do. Web beaded, spider attached.
It's small - about 10 by 10 - but I really like it.


Nita said...

Very unique and I love it

Trish Frankland said...

OMG - you started out so simple and quick and it was perfect, and then you went three more steps into the crazy and hand-beaded everything and it's even MORE perfect. WOW! <3

PersimonDreams said...

This is stunning! I love everything about what you've done here! Great job!

Bizarre Quilter said...

ooh! i love to watch the story unfold. thank you for all the details