Saturday, August 08, 2015

Quiet Saturday

It's been a lovely day today.

I went to karate by myself this morning rather than dragging the karate kid out of bed. It was great! They got a punching dummy, so we did boxing drills!!

I stopped at the local hardware store and got a couple more cans of spray finish so the chair can get done this weekend. I put a coat of shellac (per TMOTH's instructions) on it this afternoon.

I cut into one of our volunteer cantaloupes from the garden. We brought two in yesterday - one because it looked like it might be going bad, and the other because it looked ripe. Well, the one with a bad spot kind of exploded a little (because it WAS bad) so I thought I should go ahead and check the other one. It looks lovely, and it tastes OK - not great, but most definitely edible.

When I was taking the remains of they explodey cantaloupe out to the compost, I noticed butterflies (look like Appalachian brown satyrs to me) loving the rotting fruit.

There was quite the jockeying for best spot - this guy [the baldfaced hornet on the watermelon] chased off all the butterflies at one point!

We still have cicadas, and their shells.
And now, there are burgers on the grill, and a quiet Sunday to look forward to.

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