Wednesday, August 19, 2015

County Fair

I entered a bunch of stuff in the county fair this year for the first time. The Lovely Daughter entered artwork a couple of years ago and won some big awards, and TMOTH had a bowl in last year.

THIS year, TMOTH put in a bowl and 3 photographs.

My grand total was 29 entries in various categories :) It was fun having a goal to work for this year- and I'll definitely do it again next year. Most of the Home Arts stuff I entered won ribbons of some sort; I had one big ribbon with the shawl I finished just in time:

Groot only won second place :(
All the hard work on the chair paid off: A blue ribbon for my efforts; as with a little pumpkin table-topper and this redwork Santa that I did in about 45 minutes one evening:

The baby shoes were a last-minute project as well:

All in all, I feel well rewarded. And I had a great time at the fair!! photos below:

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