Sunday, August 16, 2015

August Laundry List

Been a while since I tried one of these - and the month is half over! and I miss part of it traveling! Nevertheless, here it is.

1. Finish Cecile's quilt. This is more than half quilted; I might actually be able to finish the quilting today, depending on what other crises pop up. I just have to find something to bind it with.

2. Keep up with weekly Studio Organizing prompts. I also arrived late to this project, so I've been trying to do some of the earlier ones if I finish the task of the week before a new one comes out.

3. Work on started quilts - quite a few of these.
   3a. Blue and yellow quilt.
   3b. Deana's quilt.
   3c. WOTB quilt.
   3d. Split 9-patch.

4. Start crocheted moccasins.

5. Finish cat potholders.

6. RE-start menu planning.

7. Work on hooked rug.

8. NO computer puzzles.

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