Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 Stash Report Week 42

Yards in: 24
Yards out: 0.4
Cumulative yards in: 57.9
Cumulative yards out: 29.2
Net gain/loss: 28.7 GAINED

Spending since last post: ~$52 ($5 admission to show; $27 on fabric, buttons, a book, and a pillow form at show; $20 for peltex and felt for the Karate Kid's Halloween costume)
Spending this year: $405.32

First, the usage:

 Just a cute little pumpkin tabletopper. Based on something I saw on the interwebs.

Purchased? Lots of stuff at the quilt show Calico Elephant tables.

Lots of lovelies, including a bag of white-on-white and cream-on-cream scraps, which I definitely do NOT ever have enough of.

I also spent much of this weekend making a Creeper costume for the Small Man. There were lots of starts and re-starts.

First, this - lots of green prints:
When he saw it, S. said it should be "not as different." ??? I'd seen the images, and was puzzled.

I went back and looked, and clarified: solids, contrast not a problem? Yes. So off to cut solids and almost-solids from the stash - and to clear what was used BEFORE cutting.

(At this point, I told TMOTH that I needed different fabrics, and he asked, somewhat facetiously, if I was going shopping. HA HA HA HA HA!!)

Next, I stayed with teh 5" blocks in solids  (just ignore the fuzz and cat hair):

WAY too big. So I cut 2.5" squares for the next step:

Much better. The whole thing fits over a box, with an eyehole cut out and a head-band that TMOTH had from some tool or another.

The Karate Halloween party is next Friday, so I didn't have next weekend to work on it!

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